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Bedroom tax protestors to target One Vision Housing

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Bedroom tax protestors to target One Vision Housing


Published by Anonymous for in Universal Credit and also in Communities, Housing

50,000 North East families hit by ‘bedroom tax’ 50,000 North East families hit by ‘bedroom tax’

Protestors against the forthcoming bedroom tax are to converge on One Vision Housing's offices this Thursday.

The group organising the protest, Stand Up In Bootle, believe up to 300 people will attend the event.

The action follows a similar protest at Liverpool Mutual Homes held earlier in the month.

In a statement, the group said: "The Stand Up In Bootle protest which will take place tomorrow in Bootle starting outside One Vision in Caspian place and proceeding with a march down Stanley Road in Bootle to the Sefton Council one stop shop is to highlight and oppose the attacks on the working class in this area and nationally.

"With the Labour council increasing council tax by 20 percent coupled with the bedroom tax, this area needs investment more than incompetent bankers.

"Many residents are living in poverty and those in work could soon be heading that way with attacks on employment legislation and an increase in food banks as people struggle to make ends meet.

"We are opposed to all the cuts, welfare reforms, and inflicted misery on our working class community whilst the political circus of this country is more intent on looking after the rich, bailing out the bankers and fragmenting our services, putting profit before people whilst local economy struggles.

"Our voice will be heard above any politicians and our message is loud and clear - target the rich not the poor!!"

Ian Fazakerley, One Vision Housing's director of customers and neighbourhoods, said: “We fully understand that our tenants are worried about the challenges welfare reform poses and want to voice their concern.

“It should be understood however, that this is a change to benefit legislation - not housing legislation. We too, have lobbied against the proposals.

“As a result, we are communicating with our tenants to ensure that they understand the implications and how we can work with them to mitigate the impact of the changes.”


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