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28% under occupying

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28% under occupying


Published by AntonyD for Jade2003 Ltd in Universal Credit and also in Bill Payments, Central Government, Communities, Housing, Local Government

October and early November saw an increase in the number of social housing landlords offering Entitledto's web based bedroom occupancy and benefit calculator packages; and a consequent increase in the number of calculations provides an insight into the overall situation. 

In the five weeks from the beginning of October, over 28% of users had 1 or more bedroom under occupied. That's over 28% of households completing the calculator that will lose housing benefit from next year.

Entitledto is working to deliver additional resources that will help residents deal with any loss of income, including help with finding a lodger, and assistance with managing finances. More news of these new resources will be released in the next few weeks. 

Landlords signing up to Entitledto calculators in the last few weeks include L&Q, SixTown Housing, Southern Housing Group, Arawak Walton, Arcon and Waterloo.

Learn more about Entitledto by following the link, and check out HowManyBeds? on Google Play - an Android App for calculating bedroom occupancy.


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