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Croydon to pay all employees living wage

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Croydon to pay all employees living wage


Published by Anonymous for in Local Government and also in Finance

Croydon to pay all employees living wage Croydon to pay all employees living wage

Croydon Council has committed to paying all of its staff the living wage.

Every council employee will henceforth be paid a minimum of £8.80 an hour - £2.49 more than the national minimum wage.

And the local authority, which is Croydon's biggest employer, has said that it will, where possible, insist that the staff of its contractors are also paid the living wage.

Negotiations are set to take place with existing firms who deliver services on behalf of the council and in future any new arrangements will have the living wage principle built into contract terms.

Community schools will also be encouraged to sign up to the scheme.

A voluntary initiative, the living wage is independently calculated as the minimum hourly rate needed to live a decent standard of life. It is currently set at £8.80ph in London and £7.65 across the rest of the country.

Councillor Tony Newman, council leader, said: “As a council we’re committed to delivering on our election manifesto pledges, and this is a key one of those. The people of Croydon deserve a fair wage for a day’s work – they need to be paid enough to live comfortably in the nation’s capital where they contribute their time and skills to growing the nation’s economy.

“Right now there is only a handful of our directly-employed council staff who are on an hourly rate below £8.80. They will soon see more money in their pay-packets, and our big aim is that many other local employers follow suite, no matter what size the company.

“The living wage doesn’t just make it possible for more people to free themselves from dependency on benefits, it also makes great business sense by reducing staff turnover and increasing productivity. We are determined to root out inequality. This is the right thing to do.”


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