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The most advanced air-to-water heat pumps

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The most advanced air-to-water heat pumps


Published by Space Air for Space Air Solutions in Housing

Heat Pump Heat Pump

Available in low or high temperature split type, mono or central systems, with or without solar. All designed to deliver only the best in climate control.


Sustainable energy solutions for residential and commercial applications

The Daikin Altherma air-to-water heat pump range consists of low/medium (up to 55°C) and high temperature (up to 80°C) options, split, mono or central with or without solar connection, with the highest efficiencies, to reduce energy bills and lower carbon emissions, whilst providing perfect comfort.


Low Temperature (LT) Mono

The Mono type system consists of the same components (including pumps) as the Split type wall-hung system but housed all-in-one outdoor unit, capable of temperatures up to 55°C without the need for supplementary heating. Available in 12 capacities single and three phase, for heating and hot water.

Ideal for:

Housing and commercial type applications.

Can connect to:

Radiators, under floor, convector units, domestic hot water storage cylinder and solar panels.


Low Temperature (LT) Split Wall-hung

The versatile wall-hung Hydrobox unit contains all hydraulic components for applications where heating is required (an optional DHW storage cylinder or thermal storage tank are available). From 4kW ~ 16kW in single or three phase the Hydrobox can achieve temperatures up to 60°C.

Ideal for:

All housing heating and domestic hot water (storage cylinder supplied separately), of any size both new build and retrofit. Can be modular (multiple units).

Can connect to:

Radiators, under floor, convector units, DHW storage cylinder and solar panels.


High Temperature (HT) Split

The one to one HT high temperature, the air-to-water Flex and the Daikin VRV Total Solution air-to-water and air-to-air modular heat pump cascade based systems can be applied in many different ways depending on the type of application (building and use).

Ideal for:

Very large or older residential or commercial applications such as hospitals, schools and restaurants, where higher water temperatures are needed for constant sanitation.

Can connect to:

Radiators, under floor, convector units, DHW storage cylinder and solar panels, combined with the thermal storage.


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