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Star-struck council shows residents the path

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Star-struck council shows residents the path


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Starpath Starpath

The residents of one London borough will now be able to follow the 'stars' to find their way home at night.

Hammersmith and Fulham Council has become the first in the capital to embrace 'Starpaths' - a new technology that sees paths emanate light after the sun sets.

Starpath is a spray-on coating that works by absorbing UV rays during the day and then expelling them at night, creating a blue glow that lights up the surface it's applied to.

The product, which contains a bioluminescent material that glows brighter the darker it gets, was this week applied to the main commuter route through Fulham's William Parnell Park.

As well as doing away with the need for traditional and more costly street lighting, Starpath's application process helps repair and reinforce surfaces.

The finished surface is non-slip and water-resistant, making it ideal for pedestrians or cyclists.

The astral-themed path will cost the council around £25,000 and is expected to reduce annual pathway repair costs significantly as it comes with a seven-year warranty.

Cllr Greg Smith, the council’s deputy leader, said: “This really is an eye-catching new addition to a well-used park – and something that could be used elsewhere if our residents give it the thumbs up.

“As well as looking good, Starpath is environmentally sound, with no ongoing energy costs or light pollution, helps improve safety for park users and breathes new life into old pathways.”


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