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Changes to mayor's budget will deliver new homes, claim Lib Dems

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Changes to mayor's budget will deliver new homes, claim Lib Dems


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The Liberal Democrat London Assembly group has proposed "radical" changes to the mayor’s budget, which it says will lead to the delivery of new homes.

Stephen Knight AM, Lib Dem budget spokesperson, has set out proposals to amend Boris Johnson's budget with proposals to create new apprentices, build new homes and deliver a fare structure that is "much fairer for many Londoners".

The changes include plans to double the number of affordable homes being delivered across London and boosting new apprenticeships by up to 250,000.

The Lib Dem group says its proposals are fully costed and will be delivered by reversing the mayor’s 33p a month cut in the GLA precept. The plans also involve "cutting out long-standing waste and unnecessary expenditure which the mayor still fails to address, such as chauffeur driven cars for senior Met police officers".

Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s consideration of the mayor’s draft budget by the London Assembly, Stephen Knight said: “Whilst we welcome the return of growth in the UK we need to ensure that all Londoners benefit from the opportunities created by our capital’s economy.

“London needs more homes and more jobs and that is exactly what are proposals will deliver.

“That is why our budget amendment addresses head on the current lack of investment in house building and the chronic shortage of affordable homes. We also recognise that we need to deliver far more apprentices to ensure that an increasing number of Londoners get an opportunity to become skilled workers and enter London’s workforce on a permanent basis.

“We also propose that our fare structure finally catches up with the change in London’s workforce, especially the huge growth in people working part-time or working regularly from home. We need to give a helping hand, not penalise people work part-time.”


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