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Brent Leader Joins CUBE (Credit Union Brent & Ealing)

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Brent Leader Joins CUBE (Credit Union Brent & Ealing)


Published by Graham Tomlin for Credit Union Solutions Ltd in Local Government and also in Central Government, Education, Environment, Housing, Universal Credit

Mo Butt Mo Butt

Cllr. Mo Butt, the Leader of Brent Council, moved a motion at the Council Meeting on 21st January calling for:

  • The continuation of the partnership between CUBE and BHP.
  • The council to become a Corporate Member of the credit union.
  • The promotion of CUBE to tenants and residents across the borough.
  • Provision of improved access to CUBE for Brent Council staff.
  • Brent Council’s partners and other employers in the borough to allow payroll deduction for their staff that join the credit union.
  • Representations to be made to Brent MPs to support a rate cap on Pay Day lenders when next the opportunity arrives in Parliament.
  • Schools in Brent to use materials provided by the Personal Finance Education Group to improve the financial capability of the borough’s school children.

Cllr. Butt’s motion was passed unanimously and after the meeting he, and several of his council colleagues, promptly completed their applications to join the credit union.

Graham Tomlin from CUBE who was in attendance said.

“Cllr Butt deserves a lot of credit for the progressive stand that he is making against Pay Day Lenders and I am pleased that he has also recognised the part that CUBE is playing in providing the affordable alternative.

Ordinary people in Brent have seen their wages and benefits decline in value yet their household bills increase each month. In this climate there is no room for Pay Day Lenders charging 4,000% interest without causing massive economic hardship to those less able to manage their finances.

CUBE can, and will, do more to offer its services to the financially excluded but to do that we also need more members that pay into the credit union through a deduction from their pay.

Brent and Ealing Council staff do this as do Catalyst Housing Group and QVC staff and we want more employers to offer access to CUBE by allowing payroll deduction which costs virtually nothing to provide.

We look forward to working with Cllr Butts and Cllr Denselow and Council Officers to ensure that CUBE continues to grow and develop across the whole borough.”


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