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Capita’s 4th National Conference. Serious Case Reviews

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Capita’s 4th National Conference. Serious Case Reviews


Published by Anonymous for Capita Conferences in Local Government and also in Care and Support, Health

Capita’s 4th National Conference

Serious Case Reviews

Implementing the Statutory Guidance on Learning and Improvement

Tuesday 29th January 2013, Central London


Capita’s 4th National Serious Case Reviews Conference addresses how you can effectively implement new approaches to learning from serious cases and embed sustainable improvements in services that safeguard children and vulnerable adults.


The Serious Case Review (SCR) system in England is undergoing fundamental changes.  Following Munro’s recommendation to use systems methodologies for SCRs, the recent DfE consultation on the Statutory Guidance on Learning and Improvement sets out a new approach to commissioning, managing and writing reviews which aims to maximise learning. 


SCRs and management reviews will require you to look at not only what professionals did, but why they took that action and what this reveals about local services. Attend this timely conference to ensure that you are fully equipped to conduct effective SCRs and to translate findings into meaningful and lasting service improvement.


Expert speakers explore all of the key issues including:


  • Practical delivery challenges of transitioning to the new system
  • Resourcing reviews and selecting skilled, accredited and independent reviewers
  • Quality assuring reviews and ensuring transparency and accountability
  • Disseminating key lessons and moving away from a focus on apportioning blame



Benefits of Attending


  • Hear directly from the  Department for Education on the latest policy developments and the Government’s direction of travel on improving the impact of SCRs
  • Explore the different approaches to learning from serious incidents with those involved in developing and implementing new models
  • Discover the complexities of sharing information and working with partner organisations during parallel criminal proceedings
  • Take away lessons learned  and front-line experiences of applying the systems methodology from pilot sites
  • Take the opportunity to discuss the latest thinking on the future of quality assuring reviews with the Children’s Improvement Board
  • Understand how the new system can be adapted for cases involving vulnerable adults and incidents that fall below the SCR threshold
  • Hear practical advice on how to include families views in SCRs and the implications of publishing reports
  • Find out how to plan and deliver an effective communications strategy following a SCR


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