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Wednesday Whinge: Should the silent majority start shouting?

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Wednesday Whinge: Should the silent majority start shouting?


Published by Anonymous for in Housing and also in Development

Wednesday Whinge: Should the silent majority start shouting? Wednesday Whinge: Should the silent majority start shouting?

24housing's resident slacker, Brian Church, continues his mysteriously reasonably popular Wednesday Whinge series. But will it return next week?

This website reported some good news on Tuesday: A new survey showed  57% support more social housing being built.

Even better, the Fabian Society report (called 'Silent Majority') also showed that 74% of that 57% said they would support homes being built in their area. This scotched the long held belief that we always support housing in other people's areas.

Sorry, but I'm not so optimistic. For starters, 74% of that 57% is only 42% so another headline for the report could have been: EVEN THOSE WHO DO WANT MORE SOCIAL HOUSING DON'T WANT MORE SOCIAL HOUSING.

But I'm probably being too negative. What are my answers as the general election gets ever nearer? How about:

1)    Sabotage. Thanks to Manchester United for this idea. How do we stop a rival from scoring? Sell them Welbeck! So, we need to find the crappiest chief executive in the social housing sector and give him or her to one of the private construction giants. We could try @nickatkin_hht as a pilot.

2)    A newspaper campaign: "You love your kids so much, you wait till they're grown up to make them homeless."

3)    Be simple. I once had to find my visiting cousin in a district of Athens, way before mobile phones, and had forgotten the address. I just wandered through the area shouting "SHARON" and found her (I know what you're thinking: Brian and Sharon, we come from classy stock). So, maybe it's a question of being less self-conscious, more lippy and shouting in high streets across the land: Social Housing! WHEN DO WE WANT IT? In a bit, please.

p.w. (post whinge)

I'm doing a rare speaking appearance in Bristol for the appalling commshero movement on 7 October and just wanted to warn people.

In a world first for the social housing sector, it will be an actual name and shame session, so if you've annoyed me in any way at any time over the last 50 years, please don't come. The doors will be locked, I will stand right by you and insult yourself, your group, your friends and your family.

Looking forward to seeing you all.​


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