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Oh Sylvia! Beach hut or 3-bed semi: Daily Mail compares house prices

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Oh Sylvia! Beach hut or 3-bed semi: Daily Mail compares house prices


Published by Anonymous for in Housing

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The oldest housing game in town – comparing what you could get elsewhere for the same amount of money – has been given new life by the Daily Mail.

The paper of record looked at the 'Great British property divide' by comparing two vastly different properties.

The Mail's reader-friendly bullet points said: "Beach hut no bigger than garden shed on sale in Kent for £120,000 but for £50 less you can snap up this three-bedroom house in Hartlepool." (The Mail confusingly calls the Hartlepool semi-detached property a "terraced home", which it clearly isn't, but this may because nobody at the Mail has ever seen a terraced house before.)

The beach hut, a freehold property in Whitstable, overlooks the Isle of Sheppey and comes with timber decking and barbeque area, the Mail said. The cheaper modern semi-detached home in Hartlepool has an en suite for the master bedroom.

Clearly keen to sell the hut, the Mail reported that it has "been fitted with a roll top work surface with storage beneath and a sink with a drainer unit below". One snag: There’s an effective dusk-to-dawn curfew in place to please local residents (ie those with a proper home).

Mail readers, not famed for their emotional dexterity, seem to be adjusting well to the Hartlepool revelations.

"I had a girlfriend from Hartlepool many years ago and had a fantastic time there," wrote one reader on the Mail website. "Girlfriend made me deliriously happy then went and broke my heart. She was called Sylvia."


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