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Eviction for fraudsters who lied on social housing applications

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Eviction for fraudsters who lied on social housing applications


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Eviction for fraudsters who lied on social housing applications Eviction for fraudsters who lied on social housing applications

Two people who claimed they needed social housing have been evicted from their homes after making false claims on their applications.

In separate cases at Tameside County Court, housing association New Charter Homes has gained possession orders for the two fraudulently obtained homes in Ashton.

Scott Seel, 34, must hand the keys back to his home after claiming that he was sleeping on the sofa at a friend’s flat on his social housing application form.

In fact, the fraudster already had a tenancy for another home in Manchester with social landlord City South Housing.

He now has until 26 September to leave the property.

Meanwhile, Chantelle Baguley has been ordered to leave a two-bed New Charter home after she also failed to tell the truth on her application form.

Evidence given in court showed that Baguley, 30, had already been living in a privately rented home in Dukinfield since March 2012 when she applied for a home with New Charter in July of the same year.

However, she did not declare this on her application and instead claimed she was lodging at her parents’ house.

As a result of Baguley’s failure to disclose that she was accommodated at the time, she received more points on her application which moved her further up the list for allocation.

Both cases are the first successful possession claims brought to the courts as part of New Charter's work under the National Fraud Initiative.

The pilot project with Tameside Council matches electronic data kept by public and private organisations to prevent and detect fraud.

Tony Powell, New Charter’s executive director of neighbourhoods said: “There is such a demand for social housing and we’ve got to make sure that we’re giving homes to those most in need.

“In these two cases, the people did not tell us the truth on their housing applications and as a result, they deprived someone else with a greater housing need from a home.

“These are the first two possession orders we’ve secured as part of the project and we hope to get support from the courts for future cases.”


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