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Spectrum Housing Group saves nearly 45k with new residents’ magazine

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Spectrum Housing Group saves nearly 45k with new residents’ magazine


Published by Tina for Spectrum Housing Group in Housing

One Voice One Voice

Spectrum Housing Group has saved nearly 45k with their new residents’ magazine One Voice which has recently celebrated its first year of existence.

One Voice replaced the 4 newsletters that Spectrum Housing Group sent out pre-amalgamation when the group still consisted of 4 registered providers: Medina Housing Association, Signpost Housing Association, Signpost Care Partnerships and Western Challenge Housing Association.

When the group amalgamated in 2013 they asked their Spectrum Residents’ Group to look at whether they wanted to join their newsletters into the one publication. They looked at the costs and came to a swift decision that they would like a single publication.

Yasmin White, Resident Network Director at Spectrum Housing Group said: "The Spectrum's Residents' Group scrutiny of our approach to the Resident Magazine has generated a saving of £45k which can be re-invested back into front line services. This is a real testament to the fact that resident scrutiny really works as not only do we have a new magazine that has had terrific feedback from residents, we also have a significant on-going cost saving which can support other activities such as a wider programme of resident training".

One Voice is sent to all Spectrum residents and can also be viewed on the Spectrum website.


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