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Wednesday Whinge: Knowing what we really stand for

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Wednesday Whinge: Knowing what we really stand for


Published by Anonymous for in Housing

Two more boroughs bring in dog chip scheme Two more boroughs bring in dog chip scheme

Ed's note: Brian Church would like to profusely apologise for the late posting of this Wednesday Whinge.

Private Eye used to mischievously claim that the rightly disgraced (yet sadly brilliant broadcaster) Stuart Hall had failed with a travel company he set up due to its unfortunate initials. I don’t know if this is true but if any reader ever used Stuart Hall International Travel please let me know.

Acronyms deeply annoy me where they’re never explained. The otherwise admirable RICS give me the niggles because their press releases don’t make clear they’re the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (I think). It must be some branding thing or (commendable) brevity but the frustration still builds up to a wall of resentment and a pledge never to join them if I ever want to shine at parties and become a chartered surveyor.

Likewise, if you get a press release from the CLA, you might struggle to know they’re the Country Land and Business Association whose members have a lot of dogs (photo). I couldn't find another photo.

Intriguingly, the NHF is the opposite. As far as I know, the National Housing Federation will never call itself the NHF. I never quite worked out why despite working in their media department though, let’s be fair, NHF doesn’t tell you it’s housing and can be confused with the NHS for people with lisps (I will self-refer myself to HR).

Do you have your own annoying acronyms which you'd like to share? Please don't.

pw (post whinge) #1

A Chiswick House fundraiser in Birmingham, under the auspices of Optima Housing, included putting staff in the stocks, an idea which could surely be extended across the sector and make millions. I would pay good money to throw a sponge at Nick Atkin.

pw (post whinge) #2

The HCA's latest quarterly survey reveals that housing associations have £4 billion held in cash. In other words, if you stacked all that money in £1 coins, each one on top of each other, you still wouldn’t scale the heights of stupidity reached every day by my esteemed colleague Max Salsbury. He’s my housing buddy, really.


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