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Bedroom tax victim claims ghost haunts spare room

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Bedroom tax victim claims ghost haunts spare room


Published by Anonymous for in Housing

Bedroom tax victim claims ghost haunts spare room Bedroom tax victim claims ghost haunts spare room

Image: Ghost via Shutterstock

A social housing tenant has claimed that she should be excused from paying the government's controversial bedroom tax - because a ghost is stalking her Liverpool home.

Lorna McDonald has been penalised by the under-occupancy policy, seeing £14 docked from her weekly housing benefit because she is deemed to have one spare bedroom.

However, the 46-year-old says that her daughter was driven out of the home by the ghost - which now 'lives' in the spare bedroom.

The tenant also claims that the spirit has physically attacked her.

Neither Ms McDonalds's landlord, Liverpool Housing Trust (LHT), nor the Department for Work and Pensions are known to have any guidelines on dealing with paranormal entities.

Mrs McDonald says that she even brought in a priest to deal with the phantom.

Andy Williams, LHT's director of neighbourhood services, said: “We are aware of Mrs McDonald's concerns and met with her again last week to discuss the matter.

“In addition, since 2010, we have made repeated offers of support with financial matters and have been in long-standing discussions with her.

“We will continue to work with Mrs McDonald so that we can provide our support.”

The DWP has insisted that haunted rooms are not exempt from the bedroom tax.

Rather humorously, a DWP spokesman said that "rules on under-occupancy do not cover paranormal guests" before quickly switching back to a more conventional tone. "Ending the spare room subsidy was absolutely necessary in order to get the soaring housing benefit bill under control, returning fairness to the system and making better use of social housing stock. These rules already applied to housing benefit claimants in the private sector - introduced by the previous government."


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