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Wednesday Whinge: A syllable too far

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Wednesday Whinge: A syllable too far


Published by Anonymous for in Housing and also in Central Government

Wednesday Whinge: A syllable too far Wednesday Whinge: A syllable too far

It's Wednesday. There's a sense of hopelessness and confusion in the air. It’s Brian Church.

These are weird times. Africa minister Mark Simmonds, a man who perhaps misunderstood his brief, resigned this week because he reportedly couldn't find a place in London to rent for around £2,000 a month (of our money). It's clearly time to replace the bedroom tax with a "Mark Simmonds tax" for anyone of that name buying or renting a house.

And then came this shocker from RICS which asked "Brick shortages – is there a crisis?" I honestly don't know what we'd do if we ran out of bricks. My colleague Max Salsbury would make a nice window sill and he's horizontal for most of the day anyway but it would be a fundamental threat to the sector's development plans. So if you see a brickmaker, be kind.

At least one thing's not changed. If Neil Armstrong landed on the moon tomorrow, the first object he'd see would be a billboard announcing NICK ATKIN SPEECH TONIGHT.

The guy gets everywhere. But as much as I want to avoid the puffed-up 'Headache from Halton', we do need more outspoken speakers like Atkin as we enter the start of the end of the non-election season, if you get what I mean.

The issues are there to be won though some have got so unintentionally comical it's difficult to treat them seriously. With the latest stats to play with, @BrianUkulele (aka Brian Wernham) bitingly tweeted: "BREAKING NEWS: Universal Credit roll-out slows - 570 claimants added in May - will take 2,631 years at this rate."


The worry is that the battlefield of ideas is already being lost.

Think tank Policy Exchange has raised the idea of cutting benefits for those lucky enough to be living outside of overpriced London and the pompous south east, with the result that people in parts of Hull will in future get 50 pence each a week.

In other news, the Insulated Render and Cladding Association has revealed that more than 50% of their callers hang up before the receptionist has finished saying the second syllable of 'clad-ding'.

Of course they didn't but it's a sign of how much free time our sector has that many of you are currently arguing over the correct syllable division of the word cladding.


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