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Social landlord joins with credit union

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Social landlord joins with credit union


Published by Anonymous for in Housing and also in Finance

Social landlord joins with credit union Social landlord joins with credit union

Image: Money via Shutterstock

Social landlord Circle Housing has unveiled a new national partnership with Leeds City Credit Union.

The 66,000-home provider says the deal will unlock low cost loans and other affordable financial products for over 200,000 customers.

From this autumn, the Circle's tenants and employees will be offered a range of online and phone-based services, including budgeting accounts, savings and affordable loans.

Robert Kerse, Circle's executive director of finance, said: “While the economy appears to be recovering, we know first-hand that millions of people across the country are still struggling to manage their finances. Last year our own research found that almost three million people were borrowing money just to cover food and basic living essentials.

“We have in the last 12 months alone provided money advice to around 8,000 customers who are, in large part, struggling to pay their bills as a result of spiralling living costs and changes to welfare benefits.

“This project is core to delivering our mission of enhancing life chances and will help us build on the extensive financial inclusion work we already carry out to help our customers become more resilient and independent.”


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