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Cash award to fence off thinker's paradise and labyrinth

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Cash award to fence off thinker's paradise and labyrinth


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Cash award to fence off thinker's paradise and labyrinth Cash award to fence off thinker's paradise and labyrinth

A garden set aside for quiet contemplation has been awarded over £1,000 by a social landlord so it can fence itself off from the noisy world.

St. Peters Church in Birkdale, Southport was recently awarded £1,165 from Adactus Housing Association’s neighbourhood fund to pay for a new fence to enclose the relaxing oasis.

The garden, which was created in 2006, provides a place for locals and church goers to sit, think, and to admire its 'beautiful features'.

The enclosure's charms include a labyrinth, a quiet hut and a living willow arch, which one could imagine Plato and Socrates passing under as they discussed the urgent matters of the day.

Despite being used often, the church’s Quiet Garden Group decided they would like to open the space on a more regular basis without imposing on those living in the vicarage, to enable more individuals and groups to make use of the garden.

Thus, a funding application to cover the cost of a secure wooden panel fence and gate to separate the garden from the vicarage was submitted.

The fence, which demarcates tranquillity from the racket of reality, has now been installed.

Speaking quietly, Sue Hiley, a member of the Garden Group, said: “We are absolutely overwhelmed and so delighted that our bid was successful. We are really looking forward to re-launching the garden and making it really special for all the community. Thanks to the amazing generosity of the Adactus Neighbourhood Fund, we are now opening the garden Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm and Sunday 10:45am-3pm.”

The group have many ideas for ways in which they would like to use the garden, ranging from bug identifying trails and compost making workshops for local school children to community BBQ’s and garden parties.

Amy Davis, neighbourhood development officer, said: “It is really inspiring to see what an impact the Neighbourhood Fund can have on projects such as the Quiet Garden. With the simple addition of a fence, the garden can now be used for a wider variety of projects to benefit everyone in the local community.”


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