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Campaign group demands Brighton builds more homes

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Campaign group demands Brighton builds more homes


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Campaign group demands Brighton builds more homes Campaign group demands Brighton builds more homes

A campaign group has sprung up in Brighton, and is demanding that the seaside town builds more new homes.

Set up by young locals, #BrightonsFuture claims that the UK is gripped by the worst housing crisis in decades and in many parts of the country it shows no sign of stopping. 

However, the group says that there is one place that will no longer stand for it: Brighton.

The group has brought together friends, family and neighbours to provide anything they can, whether it be a professionally designed website, the running of social media platforms or even hundreds of branded t-shirts, to power the campaign.

Leader of the group is zealous 21-year-old Isabella Foxwell, a Brighton local and recent graduate.

The fervent chief said: "I’ve set this campaign up to give a voice to those who aren’t heard and who deserve a say in the housing debate. The prospect of trying to gain a footing on the UK’s housing ladder is unsettling, and something I know people all over Britain are struggling with. Something must change!”

The issue of affordable housing resonates strongly with Ms. Foxwell, having seen first-hand the distress brought upon some of her peers by the inability to sustain a secure future.

This experience has inspired her to not only fight for her generation but to ensure that she is pushing for the provision of affordable housing for the foreseeable future.

Ms Foxwell went on: "Our aim at this current time is to gain the attention of MPs, councillors and residents and show them that we mean business - these aren’t just the thoughts of a select few, this is a real issue affecting thousands of real people.

“More than anything, at this current time we need petition signatures. We ask that for the good of our future, people take two minutes of their time to sign.

"Our campaign will show no sign of stopping, at least not until legitimate, credible solutions are put forward. The current methods of campaigning tend to be a little ‘medieval’, which is why we’re taking a more modern approach to things - and it’s paying off.”

Ms Foxton is not only limiting her mission to the Brighton & Hove area: she has plans for global domination.

She said: “You never know, this time next year you may be seeing #BritainsFuture!".

The passionate protestor has already undertaken a number of interviews with key local councillors and MPs, gathering information and opinions from all sides.

Ms Foxton would be pleased to receive comments and feedback on her website.


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