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Wednesday Whinge: Taking one for the boss

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Wednesday Whinge: Taking one for the boss


Published by Anonymous for in Housing

Wednesday Whinge: Taking one for the boss Wednesday Whinge: Taking one for the boss

In a feature that TV’s Alan Shearer has described as “futile yet diverting”, 24housing’s indefatigable ne’er-do-well Brian Church continues to vent his midweek misgivings.

A disgruntled employee had just shot a lot of his colleagues somewhere in the United States. For the record, it wasn't me.

But the day after the massacre, I was walking back to my hotel in New York after an amazingly peaceful session at work where nobody had been blasted to death.

And that's when I overheard this fascinating conversation between two friends: "My boss just rang me and said if I've ever got any problems, he's always there to listen. I said to him, 'Boss, I don't own a gun.'"

It's thankfully not got anywhere near that stage yet in the UK but some fascinating research about what people think of their work managers was sympathetically put up on the 24dash website on Tuesday by our very own Maximus Salsbury.

A new report by Investors in People "has revealed that one in eight of us cannot name a single quality they admire in their manager". And worse, "three-quarters of us admit to talking about our dear leaders behind their backs".

That's Salsbury's added sarcasm in case you were wondering, not the report's.

He's bitter and twisted after the bank turned down his mortgage request to buy a greenhouse. As a joke, I officially recorded his death with the various authorities and he suspects this may have affected his application.

Life and work, in and outside of housing, are not always fair of course. Indeed, three people with the worst management skills I've ever seen have done extremely well for themselves. This always puzzled me as it was obvious they were also sensationally thick. But let's be fair: To go so far on so very little takes talent.

If it's any comfort, although terrible bosses tend to thrive and get promoted, knowing deep down they're loathed by everyone does affect them in the end as they're forced into early retirement on £100k a year and struggle to fix the soft furnishings for their second, third and fourth homes in London, Geneva and the Bahamas. Don't be fooled: They hide their feelings well.

pw (post whinge)

Isn't it sad that I, as 24housing deputy editor, know with far greater certainty the situation over my rubbish collection in a year from now than how many rough sleepers there will be at that time?

I link the two as it's not unknown in winter for those abandoned to their fate to take shelter in anything that's going, including rubbish bins, with occasional tragedies during collection time.

Shrewsbury Council gave me a leaflet this week which includes advice to put my rubbish bin out before 7am on the morning of Tuesday 21 July 2015.

I've written to them saying I might be out that day but will do my best.


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