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Social housing property's drug connections lead to closure order

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Social housing property's drug connections lead to closure order


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Social housing property's drug connections lead to closure order Social housing property's drug connections lead to closure order

A social housing property in Newbury has been shutdown with a closure order after reports of drug-related crime and anti-social behaviour.

The closure, the first of its kind in West Berkshire, was sought in conjunction with Sovereign Housing Association, which is trying to tackle drug activity in Newbury.

The Newbury Neighbourhood Policing Team was granted with a closure order for a period of three months by Slough Magistrates' Court last week.

Matthew Allen, from Thames Valley Police, said: “This drugs house closure is the result of the hard work by the Newbury Neighbourhood Team, Sovereign Housing Association and the local residents.

"Working together, we have been successful in removing the occupants of the property, bringing with it a great sense of relief to the local community.

“Also, crucial to the closure order being granted was the anonymous information supplied by the local community which goes to show the importance of people contacting either the police or Crimestoppers and providing information on suspicious and/or illegal activity."

Nicole Sharp, Sovereign’s regional director, said: “After a litany of anti-social behaviour incidents, including persistent drug dealing, loud arguments and threatening behaviour towards neighbours and Sovereign staff, we are delighted that the police have executed this closure order, which we have fully supported.

“Working very closely with the police, we have sought possession of this property in order to prevent any further anti-social behaviour in this neighbourhood. The conduct of this resident has had a detrimental effect on the health and wellbeing of the neighbours, to the point where some felt too afraid to continue living in the area."

A drugs house closure order can be upheld when:

  • The premises in respect of which the closure notice was issued have been used in connection with the unlawful use, production or supply of a Class A controlled drug.
  • The use of the premises is associated with the occurrence of disorder or serious nuisance to members of the public.
  • The making of the order is necessary to prevent the occurrence of such disorder or serious nuisance for the period specified in the order.


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