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Severnside Housing rewarded for being Star Landlord

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Severnside Housing rewarded for being Star Landlord


Published by Kerry Stanley for Severnside Housing in Housing and also in Care and Support, Communities

Severnside staff receiving the Star Landlord Award Severnside staff receiving the Star Landlord Award

There were smiles all round recently as Severnside Housing was presented with the 2014 HomeSwapper Star Landlord Award for the Midlands region.


Severnside is delighted to have been described as one of the most forward thinking landlords with 13% of its 4000 tenants registered to HomeSwapper. Severnside tenants have managed to successfully complete 90 house swaps in the last 12 months using this scheme.


Since the Bedroom Tax was introduced in 2013, there has been pressure on social housing landlords to help tenants avoid getting into rent arrears. HomeSwapper allows tenants to swap homes with any other social housing resident no matter where they might be within the UK, provided all parties agree to the swap.


Housing Partners introduced the HomeSwapper Star Landlord Award to recognise and celebrate the efforts of the best Registered Providers of the HomeSwapper service. There are six regional awards covering four major areas of England as well as Scotland and Wales.


Richard Blundell, CEO of Housing Partners, the company behind HomeSwapper, the UK’s largest mutual exchange service, commented: “The progress across the board in mutual exchange has been significant this year – with 25% more swaps taking place through HomeSwapper than last year, in a climate significantly affected by welfare reform. Severnside Housing is one of our most forward thinking landlords. Having held successful tenant events and encouraged 13% of its residents onto HomeSwapper, Severnside is making the very most of the service.


On the back of the awards, Housing Partners intend to produce a ‘top tips’ guide based on the lessons learned from this year’s winners. Blundell explains: “With home swapping now a really vital housing option in the wake of welfare reform, it’s essential that landlords take it seriously. We know that there is no substitute for hard work when it comes to home swapping, and these six landlords are leading the pack. Their advice and guidance will help other landlords to reach this level – and to stand a chance of winning the award next year.”


Photo: Pictured from left to right:

Jenny Dodd (Neighbourhood Officer), Laura Betton (Neighbourhood Officer), Paul Forsyth (Head of Housing), Rachel Mountford (Community Development Support Officer, receiving the Award), Marie MacMichael (Neighbourhood Manager), Sarah Boden (Chief Executive, Severnside Housing), Lawrence Whiston (Regional Director, Housing Partners), Kevin Hopkins (Neighbourhood Officer), Sue Groom (Neighbourhood & Community Services Director ), Tricia Welsh (Neighbourhood Officer)


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