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National Federation of ALMOs conference - LIVE coverage from @churchiechat

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National Federation of ALMOs conference - LIVE coverage from @churchiechat


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National Federation of ALMOs conference - LIVE coverage from @churchiechat National Federation of ALMOs conference - LIVE coverage from @churchiechat

24housing deputy editor Brian Church is tweeting live from the National Federation of ALMOs conference in Manchester today. Lord help us all. We'll be updating his live coverage throughout the morning.

- @churchiechat saying good morning from the NFA Annual Conference. in Manchester. In a corner with CIH boss @GrainiaLongCIH no less

- @churchiechat adds: She's working hard on her keynote speech on the housing world today. I'm having a tea and biscuit

- And in case you're wondering NFA stands for National Federation of ALMOs. It's their combined AGM and Awards. I'm secretly hoping for one

- I don't know the hashtag for the 16-17 July conference so I'm going to make my own up #ALMO14

‏- Now off to follow a panel discussion with @eamon_mcgold tho his real name is Barry McGoldrick, sources tell me. #ALMO14 #GoBarryGo

- Also on panel: Sue Adams MD Shropshire Towns+Rural Housing. I've just come from Shrop! We could have saved lot of time + met in Coach+Horses

- Not to forget whatshername who makes up the panel (Helen McHale, Stockport Homes chief exec). Leaving my tea now and going sadly to session

- For the record, I @churchiechat would like it known I am TOP of the conference attendee list! Not happened since court appearance #notguilty

- @churchiechat (top of attendee list) adds: I've found the hashtag, it's #nfacomms Bloody @nickatkin_hht spkg later (No 79 in attendee list)

- churchiechat adds: And I said hello to #commshero irritant @AsifChoudry Didn't recognise him outside of the batman costume #nfacomms

- I'm kidding over @AsifChoudry thoroughly nice man (and No. 152 in attendee list). #nfacomms

- Wow, packed Alexandra auditorium at Midland Hotel (we're roughing it). @eamon_mcgold now speaking (i think) he's a long way away #nfacomms

- @GrainiaLongCIH just sat down by me at the back, this is harrassment #nfacomms

@GrainiaLongCIH‏ tweets: ‏Listening to Eamon McGoldrick giving his keynote at a packed @NFA_ALMOs conf and ignoring @churchiechat and his ramblings!

- McGoldie (u know his name) says annual survey got 100% response rate from all 47 ALMOs #nfacomms Main question was 'Did u get this survey?'

- @eamon_mcgold says ALMOs getting a "better shout and coverage" in media than a few years ago. Long (No 40 in list) still here #nfacomms

- @churchiechat adds: Kidding over survey question, obviously lot of good work going on. Shame I missed opening part, needed a whizz #nfacomms

- @eamon_mcgold We at NFA will provide u with value for money services, thanks mob for their support over last 12 months #nfacomms #crawler

- @eamon_mcgold finishes and panel discussion begins. Oh no it doesnt. Questions from audience first #nfacomms

- Barnsley tenant asking a question, says time to refute claim social housing is a drain, says private sector gets much more #nfacomms

- Sorry, dropped off momentarily. Kidding, Adams says 200k of service efficiencies found #nfacomms

- @GrainiaLongCIH still looking at me. I'm calling the authorities if this goes on much longer.

- A Shropshire Lass (that's a reference to a famous poem for all cultural thickos out there) Sue Adams is now speaking

- Yes I know it's Shropshire Lad, allow me a bit of word play. Sue Adams describing how her ALMO came into being. Audience gripped #nfacomms

@nickatkin_hht tweets: @24housing @churchiechat clearly not listed in alphabetical order but in order of importance……’s the Wed Whinge coming along? #nfacomms

@churchiechat replies: I'll write it during your presentation 

@Alison_Inman adds: @24housing please could @churchiechat livetweet all of the events. Ever. Please @JonLand24 #nfacomms #didnthappeninmyday

Jon Land replies: That can be arranged Alison, although I'm not sure Brian will be in a job for too much longer. His Caroline King interview is published tomorrow.

- Not a complaint but I thought this was a panel discussion rather than speeches #GETOFFTHEBLOODYSTAGE

@jamie_angus tweets: Loving the @24housing coverage of #nfacomms - very amusing #TakeABow

- Photographer snapping away, hundreds of delegates, gr8 turnout. If he wants pic of the No 1 on attendee list I'm over here mate #nfacomms

- Adams says new parking areas, community cleanups, kids activities at carnivals all part of their work

- Adams: "Really enjoyed our first year as an ALMO. Our board tho is ambitious" Looking forward to next 10 years. Ends.

‏- @AsifChoudry tweets: @churchiechat Love your banter and I'm glad that at least my mum still loves me :0)

- Confident start from Helen McHale of Stockport Homes: "Who the hell am I to tell you how to be a dynamic award-winning ALMO?"

- But she's not No 1 on the attendee list though, is she? #nfacomms #perspective

- McHale: All have been through failure, says vital to know your strengths and understand your risks

- Apologies for that last serious tweet, slipped through the net

- McHale: when staff take risks, praise them and praise the outcomes and then fire them if any problems (I've made up the end bit)

- @churchiechat adds: McHale is a good speaker. Still bored but good speaker #nfacomms

- McHale recalls netball teacher advice: "Never throw a ball to someone standing still" 24housing has equiv: Never give Max a story

- Netball analogy is used by McHale to emphasize importance of continuous improvement. It's actually quite profound.

- Powerpoint slide has CUSTOMERS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS CENTRE STAGE (McHale's caps). Doesnt mention trap door

- If she can leave me in peace for a few minutes @GrainiaLongCIH giving the keynote speech in a few minutes time.

- Q: What's your vision for social housing in 10 years time? McHale says it won't be just social rent (to protect the apple)

- core (apple) Keep up

Jon Land: Without doubt the weakest gag so far. Time for another biscuit?

- Adams on same q, v muffled sound, like she's locked in a cupboard. Says key is to keep providing homes peeps can afford #letmeout

- @churchiechat adds: Cupboard woman speaking again, didn't get it all. Long has gone, I'm secretly gutted

@ResourceHousing tweets: Apparently @Betfred are giving good odds on @Churchiechat being escorted from the #nfacomms before lunch is served

@TraceyLees2 tweets: Passionate presentation from Helen Mchale @StockportHomes telling us about their award winning success. no 2 in top 50 landlords

‏- @GrainiaLongCIH is talking now! Can I say in a personal capacity as @churchiechat that she's really very attractive? #stillbored

Jon Land: No, you absolutely can't.

@GrainiaLongCIH tweets: @churchiechat I hope you said that about some of the men too...

- @GrainiaLongCIH says economic performance "completely different" depending on where u r in England

- @GrainiaLongCIH gesticulating passionately from the stage, i think it's a secret message to me (No. 1 in list)

@NFA_ALMOs tweets: Very probably!

- By the way, if you get a chance to hear @nickatkin_hht talk on social media later today, don't

@jamie_angus tweets: Fascinating presentation by @GrainiaLongCIH around house prices, house building, mortgages and private rented sector 

- @GrainiaLongCIH says numbers speak for themselves on genuinely affordable starts in social housing, "a decimation of tenure"

- @GrainiaLongCIH: no surprise market rents rising, like Bee Gees not topping charts with How deep is your love? (last bit added)

- @GrainiaLongCIH says PRS needs 'considerable policy focus' in future. Adds never been more exciting to be in housing

‏@RaeWatson_ tweets: Chuckling away following @24housing live tweeting from #nfacomms. Like being in the room next to @churchiechat

- Lot of detail on slides in Long's speech but old @churchiechat cant quite see them all. #nfacomms

- Spoiler alert: @churchiechat doing a pickles in 10mins and running for train to Shrewsbury. Been a good conference. #nfacomms

Jon Land: Talk about doing half a job. The conference has only just started!

- Long: "As a sector and industry we need to think very carefully how we get our offer out there"

- Long says overall going to see a pro-cyclical sector, thinking about how to use the market to our advantage, not t'uva way round

- @GrainiaLongCIH says some principles of U/C correct but execution "very tricky" and has doubts

@NFA_ALMOs tweets: @24housing @nickatkin_hht @ResourceHousing Boys we have a mallet for troublesome speakers under the table!!

- Long: Young don't aspire to homeownership like before, more interested in being NO. 1 IN ENTIRE ATTENDEE LIST. Bye from Manchester

@Karen_Doncaster tweets: Liked @HelenMcHale3 reframing managing risk as managing opportunities!

@nickatkin_hht tweets: See what happens @JonLand24 when you give the twitter password to @churchiechat #cancelledsubscription

Jon Land replied: The man's a liability but still a safer bet than @MaxSalsbury24. At least he turned up.


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