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Heathrow closure could lead to 190,000 new homes

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Heathrow closure could lead to 190,000 new homes


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Heathrow closure could lead to 190,000 new homes Heathrow closure could lead to 190,000 new homes

Around 190,000 homes could be built on the site of Heathrow Airport if it closes, new designs have revealed.

Commissioned by Transport for London, the designs from three separate architectural firms for 'Heathrow City' also include plans for a factory that produces self-made property, a research centre and parkland.

And one of the designs could end up going ahead if the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, realises his dream of Heathrow being replaced with a new Thames Estuary airport.

Heathrow City fans claim the plans will boost the UK economy by £7.5 billion, while creating 90,000 jobs.

The Airports Commission is currently trying to work out if a new airport on the Thames Estuary is a good idea, and will deliver its verdict next year.

Boris Johnson said: "The demand for new homes and jobs in the capital is such that we must be ready to start redeveloping Heathrow the moment it moves to its new site. And the sooner we start planning the better.

"However, the key point is that all these scenarios would potentially create some of the many thousands of new jobs and homes this city will require given London is expected to increase in size by a fifth within the next 15 years."


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