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Welfare reform: impacts and effective delivery

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Welfare reform: impacts and effective delivery


Published by Anonymous for Chartered Institute of Housing in Housing

Sressed woman with bills Sressed woman with bills

17 September, Clarke Willmott Office, Southampton

The changes to housing benefits bought about by the welfare system have been well documented. Focus is now shifting from preparing to the changes to delivering the changes. This event in partnership with Clarke Willmott will examine the impact of welfare reform on housing providers and their customers. It will also provide an opportunity to hear from those organisations that have been developing best practice in areas relating to the delivery of welfare reform.

The first Universal Credit Pilots started about a year ago. Hear not only what has been learnt by those housing providers but how they have assessed the impact on their business and what systems they have implemented in response to the challenges they have encountered.

Welfare reform has impacted on nearly all areas of business. Hear how organisations have developed a plan to take action reviewing their internal structures, organisations culture and remodelling of their services. Speakers will also share best practice in customer profiling, demonstrating how effective techniques can help tailor services to meet the needs of a changing customer base.

Digital inclusion has expanded – organisations need a wider focus on their digital strategy. Discover how to create and implement an organisation wide digital strategy to help tenants access welfare reform services as well as improve their access to finance and employment.

Welfare reform will impact on society’s most vulnerable. Social housing providers have increasingly stepped outside of their role to provide support services for their tenants. Speakers will examine how housing providers can work in partnership with local agencies to provide the support services required.

The Governments Welfare to Work Programme aims to support unemployed people into sustainable employment. Delegates will also hear what role housing providers can play in helping to support their tenants into employment.

Delegates will receive insights from a range of informative speakers, at the forefront of delivering welfare reform. They will gain advice on mitigating risk and offered actionable solutions to the challenges presented by welfare reform.

Clarke Willmott LLP is a national law firm with six offices across the country, from which they provide a broad spectrum of legal services for businesses and individuals. This event is being run in partnership between CIH and Clarke Willmott from their legal offices in Southampton.

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