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Wednesday Whinge: Going, Going, McGone

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Wednesday Whinge: Going, Going, McGone


Published by Anonymous for in Housing and also in Central Government

Wednesday Whinge: Going, Going, McGone Wednesday Whinge: Going, Going, McGone

Self-acclaimed housing prophet and bombastic sector outrage Brian Church takes a foul-mouthed look at a grim future (not his own).

They say big ships pass in the night. I used to work for a nautical magazine but was never any good at the maritime lingo. Took me months to learn a VLCC was a "very large crude carrier", a ULCC an “ultra large crude carrier" and an FLCC (Ed: That's enough ships).

But shipping did teach me the importance of planning and anticipating spot rates years ahead so you had enough vessels for a financial killing. Nobody planned more than shipowners. 

Compare this situation to social housing which is facing its biggest threat in decades yet nobody's talking about it. I don't mean grants disappearing, though they are. Nor universal credit (bad though that is). The clue is in a report this week by which predicts Scottish house prices dropping 20% in the event of a ‘yes to independence’ vote on Thursday 18th September.

Two McQuickies. I'm totally in favour of Scottish independence though please note the 24housing subscriptions department doesn't accept euros. And the Scots' admirable self-mockery would get even better, such as "Why has a 50p coin got seven sides?" Answer: "So you can use a spanner to get it out of a Scotsman's hand."

But have no doubt that a yes vote will have the most enormous impact on social housing in England (though not, ironically, in the far more civilised Scotland). A ‘post-yes’ England will forever have a Conservative government (and a right wing version at that). Even if Labour won the May 2015 general election before independence was fully sorted out, it could not then stay in power with support from MPs who suddenly found themselves from another country.

New general election, very easy Conservative win. They came close even with Scotland, Wales, London and Brighton. And the Tories would never lose power again. Labour would seriously split and we'd see the true priorities of a Conservative government. Clue: They don’t include social housing.


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