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Government policies are creating homelessness - report

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Government policies are creating homelessness - report


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Government policies are creating homelessness - report Government policies are creating homelessness - report

A number of the government's policies are unnecessarily increasing homelessness, a study has revealed.

Commonweal Housing' report - ‘Rough Justice: uncovering social policies that create homelessness’ - claims that homelessness and the threat of becoming homeless is a much wider problem than the government's figures of 2,414 rough sleepers suggests.

Featuring contributions from eight sector experts, the report draws attention to the severity of the problem - and challenges the government to recognise the policies that Commonweal believes are creating homelessness.

The report claims that the following policies should be changed:

• 'Unfair' immigration policy that leaves vulnerable migrants with no means for survival.
• Housing policy that means mothers leaving prison are denied the chance to care for their children and so to avoid re-offending.
• A courts system that denies compensation to those that have already lost years of their life through wrongful imprisonment
• Funding cuts and a welfare system failing women with multiple and complex support needs.
• One size fits all housing policies that are pricing more and more people out of the London housing market.
• Strict new Job Centre sanctions negatively impacting those looking for work.
• Lack of funding for women-focused homelessness services, including for those trying to leave street-based prostitution.

The Rough Justice study highlights many projects that are trying to tackle homelessness, including the Commonweal-backed scheme Peer Landlord, which offers shared housing supported by a responsible ‘peer’ tenant.

The report claims that an uncooperative social policy landscape is making it increasingly difficult to effectively deliver such innovative solutions.

Ashley Horsey, Commonweal’s chief executive, said: “Commonweal Housing is delighted to launch Rough Justice which highlights the many policy changes needed to combat homelessness.

"Homelessness is a very real problem that cannot be ignored; it results in distressing long-term consequences for individuals, communities and for the state.”

London-based Commonweal provides housing, securing social investment and developing model projects that can be replicated on a wider scale.


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