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ASB tenant evicted from home

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ASB tenant evicted from home


Published by Katie for Cross Keys Homes in Housing and also in Communities, Health

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A HARSH warning is being sent to nuisance neighbours following the eviction of a tenant from a local housing association for anti-social behaviour.

Cross Keys Homes successfully gained an eviction order against Dennis Kelsey (58), from his sheltered scheme home at Norburn in Bretton, following months of noise disturbance and rowdy gatherings at his property which often went on into the early hours of the morning.

Mr Kelsey only moved into the property in June 2013 and by October several complaints about his behaviour and noise nuisance had already been made by his neighbours.

Cross Keys Homes’ Anti-Social Behaviour team firstly worked to try and engage with Mr Kelsey to limit the number of visitors and improve their collective behaviours, however Mr Kelsey was never at home for any of the pre-arranged home visits and the nuisance continued, despite also multiple written warnings about his conduct.

As Mr Kelsey had lived on the scheme for under a year his tenancy agreement meant that the housing association could invoke eviction proceedings which took place at court in December, giving him two months to leave the property. As Mr Kelsey did not leave, Cross Keys Homes then applied to the court to evict him and the eviction took place last week.

Cross Keys Homes’ Anti-Social Behaviour Manager, Gemma Wood said: “Mr Kelsey and his visitors severely affected the quality of life for other residents on this very popular sheltered scheme. It is very unusual for us to take this kind of action against residents of our sheltered schemes for obvious reasons but if we are put in a position where we have no other choice we will not hesitate to do so.

“It’s great that as a result of intensive support from the Scheme Manager, the residents helped us to gather evidence to show that Mr Kelsey repeatedly breached his tenancy agreement, despite warnings from us. This enabled us to gain a possession order which was enforced because Mr Kelsey refused to mend his ways.

Gemma added: “We hope now that he has been evicted, peace and quiet can be restored to the scheme once more.”

If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour in your neighbourhood and are a Cross Keys Homes’ tenant, then call its Anti-Social Behaviour team on: 01733 386404.

You can also text: ASB followed by the details of the problem to: 60066. This is a free service which tenants can use to text any anti-social behaviour problems to Cross Keys Homes whenever and wherever they occur.          

For further information on Cross Keys Homes visit:



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