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Do something amazing on July 15th : Support #UKHousingFast!

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Do something amazing on July 15th : Support #UKHousingFast!


Published by Anonymous for in Housing and also in Communities

Do something amazing on July 15th : Support #UKHousingFast! Do something amazing on July 15th : Support #UKHousingFast!

Food has historically been considered as something that binds people together.

Think of the famous meals throughout history and the scriptures and those special times you have experienced with family and friends over food.

As well as being one of life’s essentials, the power of food goes much deeper.

The idea for a UK Housing Fast was born out of a simple Twitter conversation between Asif Choudry (@AsifChoudry), Nasrin Fazal (@NasrinFazal), Khuram Zahid (@roommy_yh) and Sahil Khan (@Khan_Sahil).

A conversation about preparing for Ramadan led to an exchange about @originhousing organising a sponsored fast to raise money for a charity that helps homeless young people in Camden.

Working on the theory that food brings people together and breaks down boundaries, a plan was then conceived to get the rest of UK housing on board to create the very first 2014 #UKHousingFast campaign which aims to:

• Bring people together to raise money and food donations for local good causes during Ramadan.

• Celebrate the diversity of people living and working in UK housing.

• Raise awareness of fasting and food poverty in a way that people can relate to and easily support.

The simplicity of the campaign is that absolutely anyone can take part. So far people from lots of backgrounds up and down the country have given the campaign a big thumbs up because let’s face it, we all realise the importance of food and knowing where our next meal is coming from.

Sadly the reality is often very different for thousands of people in our local areas and it’s up to us to come together to tackle this head on.

So how can you get involved and support a great cause?

With the big day taking place just over one week away on Tuesday July 15th, the countdown is on for food and cash donations.

• One of the ways people have publicly pledged their support is by using plates to write messages of support and using the #platepledges tag to get their message out there.

• On the big day itself you can raise money through sponsorship by fasting for some or all of the day. You could skip your lunch and donate that money to charity instead or share your food with somebody who is hungry.

• You and your colleagues could organise a collection of food donations and arrange a drop off at your local food bank.

• Or you could simply sponsor somebody else to fast.

•Whatever you do to support or promote #UKHousingFast, you will be doing something amazing for a great cause.

We also need you to put your weight behind our social media campaign. Follow @ukhousingfast on Twitter and use the #UKHousingFast hashtag to share details of what you are doing to support the campaign and which local cause you are getting behind.  

Please tweet us @UKHousingFast with your pledge and to get involved or to find out more, visit

Thank you for your support.

#UKHousingFast is organised by Sahil Khan from Origin Housing (@Khan_Sahil), Nasrin Fazal from Helena Partnerships (@NasrinFazal) and Roommy Zaahid from Yorkshire Housing (@roommy_yh)


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