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UK housing crisis solved: Buy an island

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UK housing crisis solved: Buy an island


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UK Housing crisis solved: Buy an island UK Housing crisis solved: Buy an island

The country may be in a grip of a terrible housing crisis but sweat no more - we can all move to a new island.

The pithily named Isola di Mal Ventre is, according to the vendor, "probably the only private island available for sale in the Mediterranean" – which was news to me.

The 200-acre Bond villainesque retreat is about 2km across, rises 18 metres above sea level and is, most importantly for those intolerant of neighbours, completely uninhabitable, sorry, uninhabited.

It has been occasionally lived on since Roman times, with a watering well and buildings foundations still evident. However, the only clearly visible remains of human tampering is a dilapidated shepherd's dwelling, or shack, or hut, or whatever it is that shepherd's live in. Apartments?

The vendor gushes that the island's piles of buried Roman rubble could be "incorporated in the design of a modern villa".

Just a few miles off the north east coast of Sardinia, and barely 130 miles from the "fashionable" resort of Porto Cervo, the sea-bound hideaway sounds like it would be ideal for either a millionaire taxdodger with a few quid to disappear, a scheming psychotic, or a well-to-do housing association seeking new land.

The west coast of the island is apparently "quite exposed" to the Mistral, whatever that is, and is "rugged as a result". (Note to self: beware of exposing body to the ‘Mistral’)

The south east coast, meanwhile, has "beautiful sandy beaches with crystal blue waters and numerous coves composing spheres of pure quartz" - which sounds as mystic as it does insane.

The island itself is mainly granite, covered in low vegetation with a "wide variety of flora and fauna" - but before you get excited about digging it up to build a race track and shooting all the seals you should know that it falls within a marine protected area.

A helpful local architect has suggested that a low rise eco style villa could be constructed around the remains of former buildings and water could be drawn from the existing well.

The vendor, stating the incredibly obvious, enthuses that this would "dramatically increase the island’s value".

Anybody seriously considering purchasing the island will be pleased to learn that "direct flights to Sardinia are regularly available from London and other major European cities" - taking off and landing at airports, presumably.

And how much for this brave new world? A mere 1.5 million Euros (about £34).

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