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#HousingDay 2014 - Your chance to change perceptions

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#HousingDay 2014 - Your chance to change perceptions


Published by Anonymous for in Housing

#HousingDay 2014 - Your chance to change perceptions #HousingDay 2014 - Your chance to change perceptions

After the success of last year’s inaugural #HousingDay, the event’s creator Adrian Capon is determined to make this year bigger and better - and reach an even wider audience. Here he explains how to get involved and why your residents are the key to making it a success.

#HousingDay 2013 created a phenomenal buzz across the housing sector and trended on Twitter at 1,000 tweets an hour. It celebrated the people and sector’s work, bringing out a sense of pride and achievement. It also raised important questions about the visibility of customers and looking inwards.

Recent TV coverage has re-enforced the negative portrayal of housing, such as Skint, Benefits Street and How to Get a Council House. Some highly motivated housing people responded via Council Homes chat, SHOUT (4 Social Housing), Real London Lives and other local campaigns such as Bolton’s As Rare As Rubies.

With so much media attention on housing at the moment - wouldn't it be great if a programme was made portraying the amazing work we do?

This is the focus for #HousingDay 2014 – promoting the creation of new and untold housing stories. By housing organisations engaging with their customers we will compile a compelling narrative. Not from our point view but from the customer.

We are looking for authentic, emotionally engaging and human stories. We are calling for stories where the customer is the hero. It might be something they have done in the community, overcome adversity, championed initiatives or raised a family. People will be able to actively engage and become part of #HousingDay helping to build the narrative as well as the momentum.

By using their phone customers can create their own stories. In this video Richard McCann kindly volunteered to show how this could be done. It provides inspiration and a powerful means to create stories.

24housing editor Jon Land questioned whether the sector as a whole can get involved and work together. #HousingDay is going to do just that and add to the impact. We have some great support already:

David Orr, Chief Executive National Federation of Housing, said: “We’re delighted to support this year’s #HousingDay. It’s time to be bold and start making a real noise about the stories of those who live in our communities and help spread the message about the vital work that housing associations do.”

Rae Watson, TPAS Marketing and Communications Manager, said: “TPAS England will be supporting #HousingDay again this year. Last year we took part on the day, but we know we could so much more. This year we'll be starting earlier, spreading our message wider and using every channel within our reach to encourage our tenant, landlord and contractor friends to tell their stories of shaping and delivering services together. We can't wait, roll on #HousingDay.”

Louise Fisher, CIH Marketing Manager Chartered Institute of Housing, said: “On #HousingDay we're aiming to boost awareness of what it means to work in #ukhousing and why it's so important, and to showcase the great things people who live and work in social housing are doing.”

Sue Roberts MBE, National Federation of ALMOs, said: “I am proud to support #HousingDay and I urge everyone with an interest in social housing to take part. The NFA has always been about celebrating tenant involvement and achievements but changing negative perceptions and tackling prejudice is difficult and takes time. That’s why there is a need for the housing sector to come together and support initiatives such as #HousingDay - anything that can promote the sector with a united voice is worth supporting and I wish the campaign every success.”

So please get in touch by sharing your email to join collaboration via ‘Yammer HousingDay Chat’ and follow @housingday on Twitter. By working together we can spread the good social housing story #HousingDay on 12 November 2014.

Adrian Capon (@AdeCapon) is part of the Yorkshire Housing communications team


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