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HCA record strong year for delivery

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HCA record strong year for delivery


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HCA announces new HomeBuy Agents for 2009-2011 HCA announces new HomeBuy Agents for 2009-2011

By Fiona MacGregor, executive director of programmes, the Homes and Communities Agency

Our 2013/14 full year delivery statistics were published in June, confirming a strong year of delivery for the HCA, during which, working with our partners, we met or exceeded all key targets.

That includes achieving 34,461 housing completions and 38,845 starts on site across England and helping nearly 20,000 people onto the property ladder through help to buy, over 85% of which were first time buyers.

Importantly, through our partners we also created 320,000 sqm of new employment floorspace; brought 114 hectares of previously developed land back into use; and delivered the potential for the creation or continuation of 9,333 jobs in the construction sector and supporting industries.

Such strong achievements will provide a solid foundation for the year ahead, in which we are aiming to deliver significantly towards government aspirations for up to 170,000 new affordable homes and to release land by 2015 with capacity for up to 100,000 new homes.

We are well on track to meet these aspirations, but it is important that both the HCA and our delivery partners retain focus and maintain the momentum that will help us meet these challenging targets.

At the same time, we are already beginning to prepare for delivery in the next spending period. As planned, we will be making initial allocations under the 2015-18 AHP in July and we will be working with our partners to accelerate delivery under those allocations wherever possible. 

We are also adapting where needed to reflect the programmes government is asking us to deliver, to ensure an efficient transition from this spending period to the next.  For example, we have established HCA Investments (HCA-I), to increase our skills in managing our increasing portfolio of investments and loans. This could grow to around £23bn over the coming years and our aim is to continue to focus on delivering on the vital policy outcomes intended, while ensuring that investment is appropriately protected.

And as the government’s land agency we are preparing to bring more land to the market, more efficiently, through targeted investment to de-risk sites, working with developers and understanding the local market to speed up development.

We are working hard to help maximise the impact of the available public funding across the range of programmes we work with our partners to deliver. The outcomes we all want remain the same: increasing the supply of homes, stimulating local growth to meet local priorities and creating successful places with homes and jobs.


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