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Wednesday Whinge: Why critics of HR should call it a day (or night, if they’re on flexi)

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Wednesday Whinge: Why critics of HR should call it a day (or night, if they’re on flexi)


Published by Anonymous for in Housing

Sutton and Merton councils to share HR services in bid to save £500,000 a year Sutton and Merton councils to share HR services in bid to save £500,000 a year

It’s Wednesday so that means it’s time for another of the inestimably irritated Brian Church’s recurrent whinges - a feature now in its third week! Today, 24housing’s fuming deputy editor sets his claws on HR…

I’ve had my fill of HR knockers.

When times are tough, why do so many instinctively attack their human resources department? HR bashing is a national pastime and I, for one, say BASTANTE! (Spanish for ‘enough’, or someone born out of wedlock, one of the two).

People forget that most of the unpopular stuff enforced by HR is not their choice; they’re simply making your group compliant with national/EU legislation. Remember that next time you have to read fire extinguisher instructions for the annual CS (Cultural Sensitivity) ratings.

I’m sick of old jokes like ‘Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach; those who can’t teach, teach physics; those who can’t teach physics, play for Wycombe Wanderers; those who can’t do even that, go into HR.’

Absolute nonsense. Remember that most of these guys, or girls, though SGI (specific gender indication) should never be a compulsory requirement on any form across all media formats…Where was I? Oh yes, nonsense. These guys (see previous caveat) could do your job standing on their heads, if it wasn’t prohibited by health and safety regulations.

So many myths are spread by the anti-HR mob. You are not banned from having a Christmas tree - HR are simply pointing out it is the middle of June. Neil Armstrong did not have to apologise for his sexist “mankind” and sizeist “giant leap” comments. HR are not responsible for silly interview assessment questions such as: ‘If GMT is five hours behind Eastern Time in the United States, what does a clock currently show on the Isle of Wight?’

HR make sure that people are treated equally and with respect. Everyone is encouraged to develop their full potential, even the seriously stupid. So let’s give them a bit of lerrve and maybe a squeeze. Well, metaphorically at least.

pw (post whinge)

Only three columns in and we’re already reaching the dangerous territory of readers appearing to agree with me. Hardly a peep of protest over my views on company away days.

I should explain my lack of reaction to comments post-whinge. I’m not disinterested in your views. Quite the opposite. They’re read with interest and respect. It’s just that I’m too tired to respond to them. Simply cannot be bothered. That’s why it’s called a whinge: irrational, impervious to reason, unable to cope with coherent, rational debate.

It’s clear that I am one of life’s natural born whingers. Long may it continue.


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