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'My AmicusHorizon' app

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'My AmicusHorizon' app


Published by amicushorizon for AmicusHorizon Group in Housing

My AmicusHorizon My AmicusHorizon

'My AmicusHorizon' is an app that enables AmicusHorizon residents to report internal and external problems and repairs. It's simple to use. Resident can report issues, attach images and confirm their availability for the repair to be done.

AmicusHorizon receives the report immediately and replies to the resident within the app using push messenging. The resident can easily see all the comments, questions and status changes of their repair. The repairs process can then be managed quickly and efficiently. The app allows residents to easily report multiple problems and repairs.

As well as repair reporting, 'My AmicusHorizon' provides residents with a range of information and other AmicusHorizon services. There is access to Universal Jobmatch from Jobcentre Plus and a range of local services.

The app also allows residents to report a wide range of issues including: abandoned vehicles, dumped rubbish, graffiti, street lighting faults, potholes, anti-social behaviour and street furniture damage to the local council.




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