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Your housing week: Spikes, hikes and second homes

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Your housing week: Spikes, hikes and second homes


Published by Anonymous for in Housing

Home ownership schemes should be retained in reforms, warns alliance Home ownership schemes should be retained in reforms, warns alliance

Your end of the week trip around the rest of the week, with your guide Max Salsbury.

Monday saw the shock revelation that a majority of people distrust our conscientious energy suppliers! Who would have thought it?

A couple of days later it was revealed that the big sicks, sorry, six haven't been passing energy price cuts onto consumers. Again, who would have thought it?

Meanwhile, in London Village a spiky issue enraged social media users. Rows of ominous metal studs appeared in the concrete outside a block of flats – apparently a measure to thwart the sleep-time plans of homeless folk. Even Boris Johnson criticised the tactic, so it must have been pretty wretched.

And the big stories kept coming on Monday. Research by campaign group Generation Rent found that our hardworking and honest MPs are still utilising millions of pounds in taxpayers’ cash to pay for expensive second homes in London. Once again, who would have thought it?

On Tuesday, London local authorities expressed concerns that the coalition’s welfare reforms are fuelling a housing crisis in the capital. I’m no mathematician, but I would have thought that cuts to benefits, soaring rents and house prices, stagnant wages and swelling food costs would have improved the housing situation. But, then, as I said, I’m no mathematician.

And then it was Wednesday. We revealed that a top tribunals judge had expressed doubt over the viability of Iain Duncan Smith’s gigantic toy, universal credit. Where have all the UC appeals predictions gone, asked Judge Robert Martin. Quick to scotch any doubts over its already reset behemoth of a thing, the DWP coolly said of the judge’s revelation that is was (in the voice of Jeff Lebowski) “You know, just his opinion, man”.

In other Wednesday news, blundering Boris of London Village (who, by the way, is HILARIOUS, and anyone who disagrees is just a sourpuss) committed himself to being blasted with one of the water cannons he has recently, some say rashly, purchased from Das Deutschland. And I think we can all agree it would be a terrific shame if he were to come to serious harm during the damp demonstration.

The Tories erupted in rage on Thursday when Oxfam tweeted an image that displeased them. The mock movie poster claimed that a ‘Perfect Storm’ of ‘zero hours contracts, high prices, benefit cuts, unemployment and childcare costs’ is creating poverty.

This was too much for incensed Tory MP Connor Burns, who ratted Oxfam out to the Charity Commission for being “overtly political”. Quite so. It’s hard to imagine how such things as zero hours contracts, high prices, benefit cuts, unemployment or childcare costs could have any impact on creating poverty whatsoever. I mean, where’s the sense?

Which brings us to Friday and the news that house prices have shot up by another £21,000 in the last year. Brilliant news for homeowners and their children everywhere. Well, maybe not their children but at least some people are doing very nicely out of our completely bananas housing market.

That’s your lot. Have a nice weekend.


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