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Crown Paints sheds light on Timonox Flame Retardant Coatings at CIH event

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Crown Paints sheds light on Timonox Flame Retardant Coatings at CIH event


Published by Jo Foster for Crown Trade in Housing

Crown Paints will be on hand at CIH Housing 2014 Crown Paints will be on hand at CIH Housing 2014

Crown Paints will be on hand at CIH Housing 2014 to highlight to specifiers how they can meet their duty of care responsibilities to reduce the risk of fire spread in buildings.

Multiple layers of conventional paint can create a flammable surface on walls and ceilings if they have built-up over many years.

However Crown Trade Timonox Flame Retardant Coatings - when applied on the walls and ceilings of corridors, stairwells and other communal areas that form part of a circulation area or fire escape route in social housing properties - can help provide additional time for a building to be safely evacuated.

The coating works by limiting the oxygen around the flames through the release of non-combustible gases, and by using a formulation that provides a barrier to the flammable paint layers beneath.

This process sees Crown Trade Timonox help buy precious extra time for evacuation – with the potential to save lives.

David Spicer, Specification Product Manager, said: “Fire spreads rapidly across walls and ceilings, using paint - either solvent or water borne - as its fuel.

“However, Crown Trade Timonox actually arrests and extinguishes flame spread – helping buy time for evacuation in a fire. The system can reinstate a wall or ceiling surface to Class 0, yet it is applied like ordinary paint.”

More information is available at the Crown Paints stand number P77 at the CIH Housing 2014 event, taking place at Manchester Central, 24 – 26 June.

Crown Trade’s latest video, ‘The Right Paint For The Job,’ also includes footage of a burn test, which compares Timonox against conventional paint.

More information on Crown Trade Timonox can be found on Crown Paints’ new website for specifiers

Developed to make the selection of products and services more effective and easier than ever – the site pulls together a raft of online tools and detailed information in a clear and concise format, to underpin a more selective, sustainable and speedier specification process.

The website also houses Crown Paints’ popular PaintSpec Finder®, which delivers instant and technically-detailed specification plans for exterior and interior projects, through a user-friendly format.

This allows users to filter through a great deal of technical information to pinpoint exactly what products - from the specification brands of Crown Trade, Sadolin and Sandtex Trade - they need for their chosen projects.

PaintSpec Finder® then pulls together the specifications into a report, with a personalised cover sheet showing the customer’s name, the project and the user’s own details, which is then all ready for specifiers to hand to their client or add to their tender or reference documents.

For more details please contact the Crown Paints’ Specification Team by calling 0845 034 1464, email or visit the website at


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