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The 3 S’s of Universal Credit

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The 3 S’s of Universal Credit


Published by Vicki Codd for Mobysoft in Housing and also in Local Government, Universal Credit

Many would argue that we have not seen such change in the welfare system since the creation of the welfare state. Universal Credit has certainly been a huge undertaking and it occurs to me that it has led to 3 major outcomes.

The first is of course…

STRESS – yes everyone has found the changes hard to take. Tenants are having to adjust from budgeting their income weekly, to managing a monthly payment, made in arrears. Many are nervous about this transition and more worryingly a recent survey by the National Housing Federation showed only a small percentage are even aware of the changes about to take place.

Housing Organisations are stressed as they have to support their residents through the changes, relocate their already stretched resources and are doing all this without knowing when Universal Credit is going to come in to affect. Working in the dark makes it near impossible to plan effectively and deliver the support and resources that are required.

Which brings me to our second S…

SUPPORT - As Housing Organisations struggle against the odds to support their tenants, as a supplier we believe it is vital to provide what support we can to ease their burden and relieve the pressure where possible. Feedback we get from customers shows that our product does indeed make life easier for the Income Managers, making them more efficient and giving them more time to spend on the ground with their tenants. It is great to hear that we’re helping in this way, after all the job is tough enough without your software letting you down.

SOFTWARE - Predictably as an IT supplier I’m bound to say that effective software is the way forward, but if the DWP’s attempt at rolling at Universal credit has taught us anything it’s that accurate systems are vital to avoid the first S and to achieve a “universally” successful outcome. Excuse the pun – I couldn’t resist!


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