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Our survey says...


Published by Vicki Codd for Mobysoft in Housing and also in Local Government, Universal Credit

When I founded Mobysoft over a decade ago my mission was “To help social housing clients maximise efficiency and revenue collection through our expert understanding of the market.” That was my vision then and it still holds true today, as I firmly believe that unless we take the time to understand the issues in the wider market we can't properly serve our customers or drive the business forward in any meaningful way. That's why I always look forward to our annual industry wide survey that gives us some insight into how the market is feeling and what the key issues are that we need to tackle.
So what did we learn from this year's responses? Well, one thing is for certain as an industry we all believe in "big data" and the benefits it can deliver if analysed effectively. 100% of survey participants said it would be important to them moving forward. Getting to know tenants better, assessing risk and anticipating behaviour were also cited as crucial in the wake of welfare reform and all of the above will undoubtedly be underpinned by intelligent data mining. After all the more intelligence a housing association can gather, the earlier they can intervene and focus support on the tenants who need it most. In the wake of rising rent arrears this can surely only be a benefit to everyone involved.
If you'd like to contribute your views as to what the future holds for social housing, you can access the survey here.
In return for your responses we will enter you in to a prize draw to win £500 for your organisations chosen charity. I look forward to hearing from you.


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