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Opinion: A #powerplayers14 thank you

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Opinion: A #powerplayers14 thank you


Published by Anonymous for in Housing

Opinion: A #powerplayers14 thank you Opinion: A #powerplayers14 thank you

Social media trailblazer Helen Reynolds has proved an inpsiration for many working in housing. She has just been voted number one in this month's top 50 list of digital Power Players.

I’m delighted to be number one on the #powerplayer14 list.

Waking up to find I’ve topped a list that had David Cameron as number one last year was quite a surprise. It’s a list for sector I admire, champion, but don’t work directly for.

My view from ‘the outside’ on why housing in the UK is making quick progress in digital is that the people who lead that change are brave, supportive and collaborative.

Paul Taylor and Shirley Ayres have created a wide and interesting debate around the role of digital and social conversations and networks to strengthen the UK housing sector.

#powerplayers14 is a bit of fun, a hook we can use to talk about the role of digital in a fast changing world. The long list of nominations shows people are putting themselves out there on Twitter. They’re using their own names, stating their own opinions and sharing as much learning as they can to do the job of improving people’s lives and communities.

That’s not often in their job descriptions. They don’t have to do it and it takes a bit of bravery and a lot of curiosity. It illustrates how social media is not just for organisations to broadcast messages. It’s a place real people connect so they can make things happen on and off-line. Social media gives us a chance to influence and change things.

We’re all working out the possibilities digital brings as we go along and it takes guts to be one of the first to try things out.

A productive and motivated workforce needs its people supported and championed when they do good, creative work. Those who nominated others have done a kind and useful thing by bigging up their colleagues.

My background is in local government but in the past few years I’ve been struck by how welcome and in-tune I feel with people who work in the housing sector.

I’ve been asked to share my experiences at conferences, invited to work with and advise housing associations on their social media strategies.

The most valuable thing to me though, is the learning and friendly banter shared with me by housing people on Twitter - from CEOs to those without fancy title.

Thanks for the chats about running and bedroom tax and digital innovation and cake and more. It helps me know you and understand your vision.

As a sector, you seem blind to the sector boundaries and you build relationships in the NHS, councils, government, industry and each other in a way I’ve not seen elsewhere.

You know that this enriches your knowledge and skills and ensures you learn from each other’s mistakes.

In short I'm grateful you let me gatecrash your list! I hope to work with and get to know many of you more in the future. Special thanks to Paul, whose work at Bromford is inspiring people inside and way beyond housing and the public sector, and to Shirley who is the original, awesome super-connector.


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