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Housing association evicts noisy resident who refused to listen

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Housing association evicts noisy resident who refused to listen


Published by Anonymous for in Housing

Housing association evicts noisy resident who refused to listen Housing association evicts noisy resident who refused to listen

A housing association has taken action to evict a noisy resident who refused to change her ways.

The resident and her partner, both in their early 20s, moved into a top floor bedsit in the Stag Hill area of Basingstoke, owned by Sovereign Housing Association, at the end of April 2013.

The first complaints about noise came shortly afterwards, when the couple hosted a housewarming party in the bedsit, attended by an estimated 35 people.

Over the following months, there were complaints about the resident and her partner having loud arguments, throwing items around the bedsit and having visitors running up and down the stairwell at all times of the day and night.

Sovereign offered the resident support to help her settle into the building, but she failed to engage and continued to change her telephone number and ignore the letters which may have saved her tenancy.

Maryanne Yesil, Sovereign’s Housing Officer, explained: “It’s really important for us to try and help our residents; we have all sorts of advice and support programs in place but without the residents cooperation there’s very little we can do.”

Sovereign served the resident with a tenancy caution, to which the resident agreed. The caution stated clearly which kinds of behaviour were unacceptable while living in the bedsit.

However, she broke the terms of the caution and the resident, who was on a probationary tenancy, was given a Section 21 notice in October 2013, effectively serving her notice on her tenancy.

When she failed to move out, Sovereign launched possession proceedings in January. The eviction was granted by Basingstoke County Court, and the woman was evicted on 27 March.

“If a resident isn’t willing to work with us, we have to take action to protect their neighbours and ensure they can continue living peacefully,” Maryanne Yesil said.

“We work closely with the police and local authorities to make sure that cases like this, where there is no easy solution, are dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible so they don’t impact our other residents and the wider communities.”

Sovereign Housing Officer Maryanne Yesil worked together with PC Chris Brindley (both pictured) on the case.


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