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Mr Winspear and the 'magic' of social media

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Mr Winspear and the 'magic' of social media


Published by Anonymous for in Housing

Mr Winspear and the 'magic' of social media Mr Winspear and the 'magic' of social media

It was a cold December morning, just like any other, when the Yorkshire Coast Homes team went out to Corner’s and Lockey’s Terrace in Whitby to do some community bulb planting.

Whilst they were working, a local, green-fingered YCH resident called Mr Winspear came along and soon got stuck in helping the team to make light work of the digging, despite his being 85 years of age.

YCH community involvement officer Stephanie Lake grabbed her phone from her pocket and took a photo of Mr Winspear with YCH housing services manager Mel Tilley and sent a quick tweet saying: “Mel Tilley with the lovely resident who’d done all the digging for us! @YCHscarboro @whitbywonderful”.

The YCH communications team soon picked up on the tweet and asked who the gentleman was, as they thought that Mr Winspear deserved some recognition for his hard work.

Using the original image from the tweet and a little extra information, a small article about Mr Winspear was created and put onto the YCH website. This article was then linked to a Facebook post so that the wider public could appreciate what a great guy Mr Winspear is. This was when the magic began to happen.

In the space of just 24 hours, the Facebook post about Mr Winspear had generated 234 likes, had 36 comments and 25 shares! This resulted in the post having an organic reach of over 4700 people, nearly four times more than the amount of Facebook Fans the Yorkshire Coast Homes Facebook page has!

Mr Winspear had gone from being a regular chap helping out with a bit of gardening to ‘Whitby Community Hero’ in the space of a few hours and it was truly heart warming to watch the likes and comments roll in for him on the Facebook post.

As Mr Winspear was an older member of the community the YCH Communications Team decided that he was probably not a member of Facebook so they made him a booklet. It explained exactly what had happened, why all of these people thought he was so wonderful and it also included all of the lovely messages that people had written about him on Facebook. We are not sure if he understood where all the messages had come from but it was great to be able to present him with such kind compliments that people in his community had personally paid to him.

At YCH we believe that transparency is key to gaining the customers’ trust and we openly encourage all of our staff members to use Twitter and other social media platforms. The Mr Winspear story really goes to show that one quick tweet can travel a very long way and that social media can be used effectively to spread good news stories within our local communities.

Once again, we would like to thank Mr Winspear for being such a brilliant role model within his community. We hope that people are inspired to be as selfless as him as it just goes to show that a good deed never goes to waste.

Photo caption: YCH resident Mr Winspear pictured with YCH Housing Services Manager, Melanie Tilley, digging the gardens at Lockey’s Terrace in Whitby.


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