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High-rise demolition proposal

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High-rise demolition proposal


Published by Shoreline for Shoreline Housing Partnership in Housing and also in Communities

High-rise blocks in Grimsby's East Marsh High-rise blocks in Grimsby's East Marsh

Declining demand, high running costs for residents, the need for huge capital investment and the opportunity for transformational change has led to consultation on the future of Grimsby’s high-rise tower blocks.

Shoreline Housing Partnership has announced a proposal for consultation to empty and demolish its six high-rise blocks and two Comber Place maisonette blocks – to create a cleared site for future potential development.

If the proposal goes ahead, Shoreline have committed to:

  • rehouse or assist in rehousing existing residents
  • invite buy-back from leaseholders
  • offer home loss payments of up to £4,700 per qualifying household
  • provide a variable disturbance payment per qualifying household, to help with moving costs
  • provide a designated support officer to assist in the rehousing.

Affected residents have been notified of the proposal and consultation has begun with residents, local businesses, partner organisations, voluntary groups and the wider community.

The central Grimsby site would present an opportunity for regeneration, revitalising the historical but often forgotten heart of the town and be a much-needed catalyst for change.

If the plans go ahead, Shoreline will work with residents and local agencies including North East Lincolnshire Council to seek views on what future use the cleared site should be for.

Shoreline employees including the high-rise caretakers, cleaners and CCTV control room are also affected by the proposal and the housing provider will review its employee structure dependent on the outcome of the consultation.

Shoreline has undertaken careful and detailed consideration of options before presenting the proposal to ensure its continuing ability to offer long-term provision of and investment in affordable accommodation across the borough for years to come.

The blocks have become increasingly unpopular and outdated over recent years, with a declining demand to live there. A situation exacerbated by the introduction of the government’s welfare reforms and so-called ‘bedroom tax’ limiting households’ ability to under-occupy.

The blocks require over £19 million of investment work over the next five years, the cost of which exceeds the anticipated net rental income over the life of the blocks.

The high cost of refurbishment means that any future investment work would be limited to repair and replacement only not modernisation, redesign or much-needed thermal improvements.

Shoreline chief executive Tony Bramley said: “Put simply, the cost of keeping the blocks is significantly more than the cost of removing them – we can’t justify spending millions on aging and unpopular stock that could be better spent improving our accommodation, providing future services and investing in new developments - and we therefore propose it is in the long-term interest of Shoreline and our tenants to demolish them.”

The consultation period runs from Wednesday 28 May 2014 until Friday 1 August 2014.

A final decision will be announced before the end of October 2014.

If the proposal does not go ahead, Shoreline will consider alternative proposals and carry out further consultation.

Feedback can be given by post or online at

If anyone has any questions or concerns they can telephone 0845 849 2000, email or visit


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