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Housing association has dog 'evicted' in UK first

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Housing association has dog 'evicted' in UK first


Published by Anonymous for in Housing

Housing association has dog 'evicted' Housing association has dog 'evicted'

A housing association has taken the unusual step of having a dog 'evicted' from one of its homes.

East Lothian Housing Association said it was forced to act after a tenant in Dunbar ignored warnings about letting her pet urinate in a communal stair/corridor.

After months of complaints and letters to the tenant, Kerry Ingle, being repeatedly ignored, the final straw came when she brought a second dog into the property.

The association went to Haddington Sheriff Court, where it took out a successful civil action for the tenant to remove all dogs from the property within 28 days and banning her from bringing any more in. Instead Ingle chose to move out of the property and find new accommodation.

Tracy Kerr, ELHA's director of housing, said the legal action may be a first for a housing association.

“Things came to a head in August last year. Neighbours had been complaining for months about the puppy, which was being allowed to run down the stairs from the second-floor flat, peeing all the way down," she explained.

“Even then the neighbours would have understood, if the tenant had cleaned up after it, but she didn’t.

“When the dog reached eight months, it was no longer a puppy and we gave her a final warning, at which point she got a second dog.”

Ms Kerr added: “We didn’t try to evict the tenant because that is always the absolute last resort for us, but we had to take action."


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