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Euro Elections: Parties’ housing policies exposed

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Euro Elections: Parties’ housing policies exposed


Published by Anonymous for in Housing and also in Central Government

Labour pull off shock by-election win Labour pull off shock by-election win

With joyous, democratically-buoyant voters ferreting in merry waves to the ballot boxes today to cast their choices in the continentally-tinged European Elections, let’s have a look at some of the main parties’ housing stances:

The Conservatives

Led by the enigmatic former PR man, millionaire and Smiths fan, David Cameron, the ruling Tory Party has dreamed up popular policies such as the bedroom tax.

Housing polices:

Every millionaire to have only one spare mansion

Every billionaire to have only one spare postcode

Sell off as much council housing as possible so as to raise money to build new "like for like" council housing at some point in the future, perhaps (or perShapps)



Led by the forthright and immensely charismatic millionaire Ed Miliband, the Labour Party is determined to make sure every single person in Great Britain has seen a house by the time they are 16.

Housing policies:

Almost certain to scrap the popular bedroom tax (subject to revision)

Build over 10 million homes a month (subject to revision)

Private sector rent caps (subject to revision)


The Liberal Democrats

The Lib Dems are an interesting party, in that they are led by non-millionaire, Nick Clegg. The party formed an alliance with the Tories in 2010, which has earned it widespread acclaim and respect.

Housing policies:

Possibly scrap the bedroom tax, IF it finds itself in government (!?)

Possibly various other ideas


The UK Independence Party

A relatively new political manifestation, Ukip is led by beaming millionaire Nigel Farage. The party is built on a bedrock of wholly sane individuals who wish to see the UK return to a time when everybody prospered under the divine guidance of a mighty Fuhrer.

Housing policies:

No housing for immigrants

That’s it


Remember, the party with the most votes will win. Enjoy!


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