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Burglars beware: 1 in 10 keep weapon by the bed

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Burglars beware: 1 in 10 keep weapon by the bed


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Half of homeowners (48%) would confront a burglar and four in five would investigate "strange noises" from a neighbour’s house, according to the latest research from insurance provider Policy Expert.

In disturbing news for would-be intruders, 93% of homeowners think they should be free to use force against unwelcome trespassers, and one in 10 (9%) keep a weapon by the bed. The survey did not specify the weapon.

The top five most popular burglary deterrents are locking doors when in bed or out of the house (93%), keeping valuables out of sight (78%), installing security lights outside and leaving lights on when out (both 69%) and installing a burglar alarm (39%). Just over a quarter opt for a dog.

Altogether, 12% have been burgled.

On the plus side, one in three (30%) are keeping spare keys with a neighbour, and 38% consider their neighbours really good friends.

Adam Powell, head of operations at Policy Expert, said: "We view our home as our castle and when pushed many are prepared to defend it like one! But the important message here is to discourage prying eyes and probing hands in the first place."


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