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Wakefield's rats despair as housing chiefs thwart future invasion plans

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Wakefield's rats despair as housing chiefs thwart future invasion plans


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WDH rats WDH rats

Bosses at Wakefield and District Housing have taken action to prevent rat invasions.

The social landlord has begun to stock 'Vermin Guard' equipment - a device that has apparently been 100% successful in thwarting rat loft invasions.

And while WDH says that there isn’t a specific problem with the creatures in its homes, directors have decided to stock the item as a preventative measure against any future vermin incursions.

Vermin Guard was invented by Yorkshire dad Karl Savage after rats got into the loft of his home, much to his disgust.

He said: “It was horrible. It horrified me that they were there, just above my family. I spent hundreds of pounds on traditional methods of pest control, but the rats didn’t move so I started to research the problem.

“I discovered that rats usually get into your home via the loft, where they use drainpipes to gain access to the roof, where they then nibble at fascia boards to get into the loft, where its warm and away from humans.”

After months of studying the subject and working on a solution, Mr Savage came up with his invention.

First trials of the equipment started almost two years ago and was found to be effective.

Since then, almost 2,000 Vermin Guards have been installed around Yorkshire, and homeowners are reporting that they have been 100% successful.

The scourge of rats everywhere said: “Like WDH, many of the devices have been fitted to prevent an infestation rather than to control a current problem. As soon as homeowners hear they’re effective they decide they’d rather prevent a problem in the first place.

“There’s a misconception about the type of homes rats choose to invade, but it has nothing to do with cleanliness. Rats will go into a house to find shelter and food – they don’t check to see how clean the home is!"

Rats are diabolical in their cunning and also extremely flexible: a fully-grown beast can squeeze through a 50mm hole.

Horror writer James Herbert famously penned a fearful novel that imagined giant rats taking over London. It is not known if Mr Savage's device would be able to withstand the charms of one of Mr Herbert's super rats.

Martin Wilson, WDH maintenance manager, said: “We looked at Vermin Guard after Karl got in touch. It will give our tenants peace of mind that we want to do all we can to stop rats from getting into homes.”

Pictured: Mr Savage and Alana Stanley from WDH's pest control team


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