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Family Mosaic calls for new way to measure resident satisfaction

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Family Mosaic calls for new way to measure resident satisfaction


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Brendan Sarsfield Brendan Sarsfield

Family Mosaic has called for a "more sophisticated” index to determine true resident satisfaction, one which will incorporate "a range of measures around health, wealth and wellbeing to determine how successful we really are as a landlord".

Its report, 'Missing the Mark: Why  resident satisfaction isn’t measuring up', is available on (click 'Our Research').

The housing association, one of the largest in London and the south east, claims "there have always been questions about the veracity" of resident satisfaction, which has been widely used to measure operational performance and for housing associations to benchmark themselves against others.

It notes that that "like much of the sector, Family Mosaic’s relationship with its tenants is going through fundamental change" and "in the current climate, we can no longer afford to see our tenants just as passive recipients of basic housing services; we expect them to be more demanding of us and more aspirational in their own lives and we need to know we’re getting it right".

Chief executive Brendan Sarsfield (photo) said: "As our relationship with our residents evolves, we need a new approach and a new set of tools that go beyond rigid operational targets. The old approach to measuring how satisfied our residents are with us won’t work. This isn’t just about tweaking performance indicators, we need a different set of questions which reflect how demanding, aspirational and, at times, dissatisfied our customers are with us. It’s about a completely new mindset."

Family Mosaic conducted research that sets out some of the limitations of satisfaction "as a metric" and explored how it can measure the success of its relationship with residents in a way that is more rounded and relevant to the role it believes social housing should play in promoting the health, wealth and wellbeing of our residents.

However, Family Mosaic stressed this "does not mean we will abandon resident satisfaction. On the contrary, our commitment to delivering excellent service is as strong as ever. But although resident satisfaction is a necessary measure of success, it is not a sufficient one".

Over the next year Family Mosaic plans "to develop a new composite measure that will better capture how successful we are in meeting our residents' needs". 


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