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Noise nuisance complaints drop

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Noise nuisance complaints drop


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There has been a marked drop in noise complaints by owners of new attached homes, according to the latest research.

The NHBC Foundation's report - 'Sound Progress: a review of homeowner feedback on noise in new homes' - reveals that:

• For attached homes first occupied in 2004, about seven households per 1000 contacted NHBC about noise problems, down to four per 1000 for homes first occupied in 2010.
• Since 2004, there were progressively fewer concerns related to sound transmitted through the structure from adjoining homes.

NHBC's research also looked at noise contacts from owners of new detached homes. These owners were more likely to contact NHBC in relation to noise issues than those living in attached homes, and creaking floors were the most common problem highlighted.

Of the noise concerns raised by owners of both attached and detached homes (including a variety of noises from the fabric and services) most could be avoided by taking additional care during construction and following accepted good practice.

NHBC director Neil Jefferson said: “We are very encouraged by these findings which show that there has been a significant drop in noise complaints by owners of new homes.

“Noise nuisance can cause misery for homeowners and, in extreme cases, can even have health implications on an occupants’ health.

“We are very pleased to see that the UK house-building industry has made excellent progress towards reducing noise transmission since improved industry standards were introduced in 2003."


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