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Miliband's PRS rent caps 'don't go far enough'

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Miliband's PRS rent caps 'don't go far enough'


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Opinion: Does social housing need a tougher approach to rent collection? Opinion: Does social housing need a tougher approach to rent collection?

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Ed Miliband's proposals to put a cap on private sector rents and ban excessive letting agent fees do not go far enough, the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition has claimed.

Waltham Forest TUSC candidate Nancy Taaffe said: “People stuck in the rip off private rent sector will of course welcome any capping on the money being stolen off them by extortionate landlords.

“However, Labour’s proposals don’t go anywhere near far enough and have been made long after TUSC candidates have been calling for rent controls."

“Since the start of the year Waltham Forest TUSC has been campaigning for the return of rent controls. Today, when challenged by the Tories, Labour made clear that it would not bring back rent controls.

“Was the housing situation worse when there were rent controls before 1989? No, it was far better due to the combination of capped rents in the private sector and a higher availability of council housing.

“Both Labour and the Tories support profiteering from housing through the expansion of private letting and privatisation of social housing. Only TUSC candidates have real solutions for the housing crisis.”

Lewisham TUSC mayoral candidate Chris Flood added: “When I was a Lewisham Socialist Party councillor I led a successful campaign to stop the Labour council’s privatisation of council housing in Telegraph Hill.

“The New Labour governments are as much to blame for the current housing crisis as the Tories. The Blair and Brown governments and Labour councils pushed through the privatisation of council housing through housing associations, arms-length management organisations and private finance initiatives.

“They said tenants had to vote for one of these options to get their homes maintained. In reality privatisation means rents will increase and accountability will fall. Less cash goes to upkeep as more goes into shareholders’ back pockets.

“In Telegraph Hill we told tenants there was fourth option – properly funded, well maintained council housing. And that’s what they voted for.”

TUSC was founded in 2010 by trade unionists and socialists, including RMT general secretary Bob Crow. It is standing 560 council candidates in three of the five mayoral elections this month.


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