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'Biggest ever' survey of social housing tenants planned

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'Biggest ever' survey of social housing tenants planned


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A company is about to embark on what it claims will be the biggest ever survey of the social housing sector.

Housing Partners Ltd's Big Tenant Survey has been designed to provide a "decisive snapshot of tenant opinion".

Through its HomeSwapper mutual exchange service, the firm has contact with over 850,000 tenants, and over the course of two weeks in May will send out a 20-question survey to all of them.

With a potentially large number of responses, the company says that its findings will not only be "statistically significant, but should provide the most comprehensive picture of tenant thinking ever gathered in this country".

The survey will look at the performance of landlords according to tenants, as well as tenant beliefs regarding welfare reform and government handling of the sector.

Richard Blundell, Housing Partners' CEO, said: "We work in a sector with around five million tenants, and social homes account for 17% of all UK dwellings, but the views of these tenants are rarely considered by the industry, the government and the nation as a whole.

"With the welfare reforms agreed in 2012 now well underway, the need for insight into this sector is greater than ever."

The firm says that the survey will provide landlords with insight into what their tenants really think of them, the homes that they provide and the neighbourhoods those houses are situated in.

Mr Blundell added: "No other organisation has access to as many tenants as we do through HomeSwapper, and as such we see it as our duty to carry out this survey.

"We believe that by giving a voice to the UK’s millions of social housing residents, we can establish a better channel of communication between them, their landlords and government, and help to change the sector for the better."


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