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Property tsar slams government's 'embarrassing' treatment of building sector

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Property tsar slams government's 'embarrassing' treatment of building sector


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will davies will davies

A property maintenance tsar has slammed the government for not taking the ‘Get Britain Building’ fund seriously.

Will Davies, MD of maintenance firm, has said that the coalition’s general treatment towards the construction industry is "embarrassing".

His comments come after it was revealed that the £570 million ‘Get Britain Building’ scheme - an initiative created by former housing minister Grant Shapps that was intended to provide 16,000 homes in three years - has only build 715 houses since its 2011 launch.

Mr Davies raged: “Get Britain Building fund is meant to build homes, but yet has built just 715 homes. This is a massive own goal by the government.

“The government should stop making up policies and not effectively follow up on them. I am dumbstruck by their treatment towards the construction industry. They should be embarrassed.”

According to Mr Davies, the government should focus on building more affordable housing rather than fuelling the housing boom through its help to buy policy.

“They should realise that the help to buy scheme is a con until they concentrate on building affordable housing. Once they do this, then they can support first time buyers” the company boss said.

Housing charity Shelter predicts that approximately 250,000 new homes are needed to be built each year in order to avert the housing crisis.

Mr Davies claims that it is the South East that is suffering the most.

He said: “Believe it or not, the South East is suffering massively due to the housing shortages.

“Many professionals are moving to London but house prices in the capital have just gone through the roof. Unless they can create capacity for people to be able to afford to move out of London but still be within range of the capital, there are going to be problems.”

Mr Davies believes the proposed Garden City in Kent as an example which could calm the house shortages but he thinks the government has given the public little assurances that this would be a guaranteed success.

He added: “Building a Garden City in Ebbsfleet is all very well, but there is little guarantee that this would entice people to live there unless they’re affordable.

“Affordable housing is in short supply and Get Britain Building should be the start of this.”


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